2019 – A Big Year in Prospect Whatever the Outcome


Well after another mixed year due to missed training, a few niggles and losing my mojo somewhat, I’m hoping I can get some consistency back and start the New Year positively with a fresh approach to 24hr racing, so it’s back to Athens in January.

Rather than cut back in 2019 as I originally envisaged I’ve decided to plan for a big year and fashion it somewhat on 2016 when outcomes were positive and several big ultra’s under my belt served me so well, so following Athens I’m lining up the Canalrace C.I.C Canal Slam and Belfast 24hr.

Spartathlon is of course a goal race for me again but next year I may have to trust to the ballot for the first time in 5 years if I don’t secure an AQ at Athens. With the ISA having revised the AQ criterion effective for 2020 my minimum goal at Athens will need to take account of this.

Depending on how the year unfolds I may also have a crack at  Mark Cockbain’s Lon Las 253m in October, but there’s a lot of bridges to cross before all these races.

It’s now less than a month until Athens 24hr and I’ve trained hard over the last couple of months nailing big miles week on week.

It’s a tad risky but I’m looking for a solid block of ten weeks of high mileage before Athens. Previously I’ve never run more than five consecutive weeks of a hundred miles or more as part of a training block, but I’ll have hit ten consecutive weeks one week before Athens peaking at one hundred thirty to forty miles.

Not a great believer in tapering but will likely have a few days off or light training before Athens.

  • January 2019 – Athens 24hr
  • May 2019 – GUCR 145m
  • June 2019 – Belfast 24hr
  • July 2019 – KACR (Avon and Kennett Canal Race 145m)
  • August 2019 – LLCR (Liverpool to Leeds 130m)
  • September 2019 – Spartathlon
  • October 2019 (TBA)
  • November 2019 – Gloucester 24hr

Well all I can do is continue to train hard, rest and sleep enough, get my unilateral leg work back on track, step up the core work and stick to my revised race strategy. Oh yes – and take on enough calories! Only the outcomes will tell if I’ve got it right.

Thanks for the miles we’ve shared everyone and to anyone that has followed or shared in my exploits, thank you! I really do appreciate it. I hope your training goes well and you have a fruitful, injury free and successful 2019!

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone!


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