Reflections on 2015 and Targets for 2016

2015 has been a great year for which I’m very grateful. I’m so lucky to be able to run and so lucky to have such great support from my family, friends and clubmates! Thank you.

Key highlights for me…

  • Marrying my long term partner Gill 🙂
  • Highest ever mileage (Over 3200 miles 2015)
  • 2nd in class at Bam Nuttall Freethorpe 10 mile.
  • 1st in class at Coltishall Jaguars 10k
  • 2nd in class at Tarpley 20 mile (Bury St Edmunds)
  • 1st in class at Bungay Marathon (4th overall)
  • 100 mile PB at Thames Path 100 (First time under 20hrs)
  • 3rd at Norfolk 100k
  • 2nd at Liverpool to Leeds (LLC130) PB by 3:50, to finish in 24:09
  • Spartathlon completed in 31:33 (3rd Brit)
  • Norfolk AAA’s County Gold Marathon Champion 2015 (V55-59)
  • Being awarded Gazelle of the Year by my club Norfolk Gazelles.

Getting married and finishing Spartathlon on my debut were major highlights for me, but performance wise it was a close call between Spartathlon and LLC130, which I believe was my best performance in terms of pacing.

Spartathlon presents its own unique challenges of course with the heat, cut-offs and mountain, but I firmly believe I can put in improved performances at both in 2016 (as well as GUCR) which will be my early litmus test for Spartathlon.

Nothing can be taken for granted of course, but I’ve planned some ambitious but achievable targets for 2016 and preparation has already started.

  • Aiming for my 3rd sub 3 marathon achieved in my 50’s. I haven’t focused on marathons for 3 years but I was encouraged by my performance at Bungay, given I wasn’t specifically targeting a sub 3.
  • 100 mile – sub 18 target.
  • GUCR – sub 30 hrs.
  • LLC130 – sub 24 hrs.
  • Spartathlon – sub 30 hrs.
  • 24 hr track race (time permitting)
  • Mileage – 4000 miles.

Although I don’t normally preoccupy myself with mileage, I believe I have found a winning formula, so if I pro rata my mileage from the time I changed my training strategy in 2015 and realised some success, that would equate to 4000/4500 for 2016.

I’ll also be continuing the strength training I’ve incorporated since early December as well as improving my diet and continuing to listen to my body as I’ve done in 2015.

It’s been an amazing year despite missing GUCR due to a virus and I’d like to thank everyone for your continued support, especially my wife Gill, family, friends, fellow runners and my club Norfolk Gazelles.

Hopefully I can build on the successes in 2016.

Happy New Year All!

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